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Calling Vaikhari

performance   Aslı Bostancı

Expansion of body’s density and creating a unified performance field, through body’s motional/rotational vibes supported by vocal vibrations, is the focal point of  “calling vaikhari” performance. During this expedition, vocal vibes act not as an outer design element, but as an expression of body’s internal needs, tendensies and emotions through anatomy’s sound cords. Motional and vocal chanels thru which the Source and intermediate are unified, whom upholds a  potential statement, is the core of  the performance.


“calling vaikhari”is redesigned uniquely to every specific location and the recipients’ existance adds a final layer to this unification, with their presence felt and filtered during the performance. Therefor; multi-dimensional frequences of space and audience are merged. With all this data, the performer creates her vibrational field, throughout the dinamic changes during the performance.


The term “vaikhari” is the audible stage of sound that living symbiants share during their wakeful consciousness.



“calling vaikhari” is a singing body. a body transforming

into sounds which it listens to. A bodyless memory whom

the vibrations become. .Indefinite listener, body filling sounds… space filling bodies, body filling space…


For liberating sounds, let’s meet inside…

* In November 2017 Calling Vaikhari won "best one square meter" prize from 12th International Theatre and Performing Arts Festival Yerevan, Armenia.

** Supported by  Hrant Dink Foundation -  Beyond Boarders Travel Grant 2017

photo by Michael Wagener
photo by Ed Tadevossian
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