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Istanbul based choreographer, performer, lecturer and soundbody practitioner Aslı Bostancı is born in 1984 Istanbul, Turkey.

She graduated from her BFA in dance at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department in 2007 and CNDC_dance choreograpy (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers FR.) 2009 under the direction of Emmanuelle Huyn. In 2017 she finished her MFA in dance at MSFAU. In 2022 she  finshed her doctorate/proficiency in art again in MAFAU's Contemporary Dance Department.

Since 2013 she is working with the miracular power of the sound and she create soundbody performances, meetings and ateliers. In August 2018 she completed her Sound Healer Training in International Association of Sound Therapy Spain.


The last years she has mainly been creating and touring internationally with her own works. She created in between(2008), panic in the ZOO(2010), tales in no language(2012), singing stories on speaking mountain(2013), the last unicorn(2014), my grandmother is a stone(2016), calling vaikhari(2017), spirits of the things(2018), vaikhari(2018), UVAKUVA ya da gelecekten dualar(2019), Sadece_Dance Video Series (2021), Vadi (2021), Ateş Kuşu (2022).

She participated as a performer in choreographies by; Meg Stuart, Michael Laub, Marc Vanrunxt, Tuğçe Tuna, Alain Buffard, Trisha Brown, Emmanuelle Huyn, Tijen Lawton, Jordi Gali, Taldans, Gaby Agis.

Among the most important festivals in which she attended are; Plateaux Neue Positionen Internationaler Kunst Festival Frankfurt_Germany, FAVOURITES Drama Festival Essen_Germany, International Istanbul Theatre Festivals, Springdance Utrecht_ Nederland, Julidans Amsterdam_Nederland...

In November 2017, her performance Calling Vaikhari won "best one square meter" prize from 12th International Theatre and Performing Arts Festival Yerevan, Armenia.

In November 2013 she had the honor to be awarded a special mention prize from"Milano Internationel prize 2 Spazio Teatro NO'HMA Teresa Pomodoro" with her solo performance "in between".

She is also working in Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Art University State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department as a Res. Ass. since 2014 and as a lecturer since 2009. As a lecturer she is sharing contemporary dance tech., improvisation, composition and repertuary.



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