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panic in the ZOO



choreography          aslı bostancı

performance            aslı bostancı, umut sürel

sound design           mutlu san

light design              ayşe ayter

styling                      umut sürel



tells stories about a girl stuck somewhere between an inner voice and a world to which she feels she doesn’t belong.

Project actions are the result of emotional distraction, at times helpless, at times sensuously fueled by the smallest shifts in everyday habits.

On an empty stage, performance creates monstrous inner space and searches for the origins of an incompatibility with everything, which is much more fundamental than in the horror movie and death metal fragments that used.

“panic in the ZOO” tries to find an individual performative form and distinct rituals; not to became better assimilated, but to more consistently refuse to give in.



50 min.

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