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Tales in no Language



choreography          Aslı Bostancı

performance           Aslı Bostancı, İlyas Odman

sound Design         Jari Marjamaki

light Design            Kemal Yigitcan



It is a body, voice, object installation and choreography project inspired by invisibility.


the bodies’ movements are merely delayed and invisible attempts.


the movements try to hold on to the permeability and transparency of the shadows, instead of waiting to reach them. they are dead and open to be used.


the “objectwise immobility” exercise has been designed based on the status of the body as an objectified, emptied of its content, static entity.

To get lost, to dissipate, to be deprived of, to melt, to be invisible, to disappear, to be erased are strong images constituting a series of data for the chromatic stories having similar names yet different voices.


“tales in no language” has many layers based on the diverse characters and states; and creates a disturbing point of meeting with the memory of the audience. At the same time, the data provided by the images designed on stage reach their own story in the memory of the audience.


45 min.

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