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The Last Unicorn



choreography performance     aslı bostancı

sound design                             mert gürpınar

light design                                utku kara



The last unicorn focuses on establishing a surreal creature on stage. The research on movement aims to create an authentic existential space through the reflection of one’s essence on the body.
The essence of the creature to be formed on stage will be the source of the movement material.

The last unicorn is a message to humanity from a creature that has fallen to our world from a higher dimension.

“it is never too late for anything and nothing is totally lost”

The last unicorn is the extension of the nature filled with the whole universe and its vibrations claim to touch the audience as a contemporary miracle.

With its surrealistic nature, The last unicorn is an original manifesto against all illusions created in today’s world and dichotomies established through the conscience of the masses.




45 min.

Unicorn in a strange place

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